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Flyboys + Astrophysycists = OTP

This journal is going to be mostly dedicated to the greatest ship in the whole Universe!!!

Thanks to the wonderful people I met I started to draw and write again.
Expect sketches, ficlets, recs and links! Maybe not that often, cause inspired or not - I'm still a lazy ass xD I'll try my best though!!!!

And I'm sure I'll find a way to squeeze those two in somewhere too :)

McShep fic

So I wrote something and posted it on AO3 :)



My first manip!!

Tried to distract myself from the bad stuff but couldn't focus on watching H5-O so started meddling with photoshop... and this is the result xD

My first *ever* photo-manipulation starring my fav boys of all time!!

McShep manip yayCollapse )

Be My Valentine by mer_rod

SGA Challenge #1

Title: Be My Valentine
Artist: mer_rod
Pairing or Characters: Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Rating: G
Prompt used (if applicable): Puddlejumper by leesa_perrie
Artist’s notes: please excuse me my poor photoshop skills :P not really good with digital stuff *hides under a desk*


Be My ValentineCollapse )

another sketch

Rodney dreams about a Z(ed)PM, John is jealous :P Drawn in chibi style - I intend to color it and hopefully post the finished version soon :3

ZZZzzzZZZCollapse )


And this is my Christmas present from aninreh <3 Handmade patch I will proudly show off everywhere I go ^o^

Thank you sis!!!!! <3

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This pic I made for my friend's Christmas card :)

Sheppard is being cunning and gets McKay under a mistletoe ^o^

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This sketch is loosely inspired by one of my fav McShep fics by hazelthewitch! I absolutely love the idea of feverish/injured/concussed Sheppard confessing his love for Rodney in a moment of weakness :3

The link to the fic Desperate Measures 

click meCollapse )

my first McShep vid!

I have started this vid couple years ago, but kinda lost my inspiration somewhere on the way...
Finally finished it last year!!! After meeting few other McSheppers and getting my Z(ed)PM fully loaded by seeing Joe Flanigan in the flesh *squee* my motivation raised from the dead xD